Happy 1st Unniversary Borneo Backpacker

2nd January 2016, nice moment with Borneo Backpacker Community. We arranged this activity together. I made the tent. Yeah.. I did it by myself, guys. (My DIY project (Do it Yourself).

I was asked to be the facilitator for the game. We played Crazy & Dare Question. I gave everyone a piece of paper and a pen. They must write a crazy and funny question. After writing the question, they must put the paper in a jar. After everyone finished writing, we were ready for Crazy & Dare Question. There were many crazy questions and everyone must be dare to answer and to do the instruction. Before doing or answering the question or instruction participant must share his or her resolution in 2016.

We enjoyed the party so much. After playing, it was time for food. Barbecue from Chef Abab. Thank you very much, guys.. Good luck for all of you in this year. God Blesses you!   


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Unknown said...

Nice 😇😆

intan priantama said...

Nice 😇😆

Unknown said...

MasyooAlloooh, thats too awesome

Mr.MEF said...

MR.MEF: Thank you for visiting my Blog, guys.. Keep walking ;)